Dr. Jahn Hornung | Geoscientist


My key research areas are in geosciences with a focus on sedimentary geology and paleontology. Further fields of interest include remote sensing and volcanology.


The focus of my interest is on a holistic understanding of the evolution of organisms  and their ecosystems, and the interrelationships between the biosphere and geosphere through time. Primary but not exclusive topics include sedimentary facies analysis, sediment-organism interactionsm, morphology, taxonomy, systematics, paleogeography, paleoclimate and paleobiodiversity.

Learning from the past means understanding of the future.


My published work is summarized here >>>


  • The 'German Wealden' - Life & Environments of the continental Berriasian (Lower Cretaceous) in northern Germany [since 2007] - read more >>>
  • Palaeoichnology - the science of fossil tracks and traces [since 1998]
  • Mosasaurs - giant marine lizards from the Upper Cretaceous [since 2006] - read more >>>
  • Plesiosaurs - aquatic, long necked predators of the Mesozoic [since 2013]


  • Sedimentary dynamics and paleogeography of Middle Pleistocene (Saalian) glacial lakes in the Weserbergland (NW-Germany) [2005-2007] - Read more >>>

remote sensing

  • Application of orbital remote sensing data (AVHRR) to the detection and analysis of local sea surface temperature anomalies - Read more...


  • Geology of the area Ischia Porto / Sant' Alessandro - Casamicciola Terme and the Monte Rotaro complex volcano (Quaternary), Island of Ischia, Campania Region, Italy. [2001]